2020 has been yet another concerning year in the fight against climate change. While the global coronavirus pandemic grabbed most of the headlines, climate change and its brutal effects continued to trudge on in the background. Wildfires burned more than five million acres of land on the West Coast this year, while strong storms in the Atlantic continue to form at higher rates than any year previously. 2020 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history, a trend that shows no signs of stopping. 

How we can help support the planet right now:

Decreasing the energy used in pumping water will decrease our carbon emissions (the release of carbon emission contributes to greenhouse gases, which lead to climate change). Be sure to turn off water when you’re not using it!

Recycling allows us to conserve new materials when producing products, which in turn, lowers carbon emissions. Make recycling a lifestyle & invest in sustainable solutions!

Using renewable energy for your heating, hot water, and electrical supply saves carbon. Invest in solutions that generate clean energy, like solar panels!

Cars, airplanes, and other forms of transportation contribute to pollution & dramatically increase our carbon footprint. Instead, always walk when you can or invest in electric solutions!

It’s our responsibility to change our habits & help maintain & protect our environment. Speak up & get involved with environmental solutions & put eco-friendly habits into practice!

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