According to the World Bank, the COVID-19 could push 150 million people into extreme poverty by the end of 2021. In an attempt to actively support our friends against the damaging effects of the pandemic, we decided to partner up with two local organizations that aid & care for the members of the community, Food Bank For NYC & One Warm Coat. Our goal is to provide the friends from our community with the basic necessities of life through proceeds from our upcoming collections



We are a mission-driven brand with the goal of increasing awareness surrounding different issues that are plaguing society by partnering with leading non-profit organizations that are tackling important causes, such as gun reform, climate change, social inequality and societal injustices. We tell the stories of these causes through the products we design and the different partnerships we form. It’s our belief that real and tangible change is created when people stand together, accept one another and support each other.


Food Bank For NYC

Food Bank For New York is an Non-Profit organization with a mission “to end hunger by organizing food, information and support for community survival, empowerment, and dignity.” Food Bank For New York City has been working to end food poverty in our five boroughs for over 36 years. As the city’s largest hunger-relief organization, they employ a multifaceted approach centered on helping low-income New Yorkers overcome their circumstances and achieve greater independence.


One Warm Coat

One Warm Coat is a national nonprofit organization that provides free coats to anyone in need, without discrimination, and works to create awareness of the vital need for warm coats across the country. Through the Coat Drive Program, One Warm Coat provides tools and resources to empower volunteer-led and sponsored coat drives to collect coats, and partners with nonprofit agencies and schools across all 50 states to distribute those coats to children and adults in need. One Warm Coat also encourages sustainability by working with manufacturers and retailers to match overstock and irregular coats with agencies and schools across the country, where they are most needed. Since 1992, One Warm Coat has facilitated the collection and distribution of more than 6.6 million coats. One Warm Coat believes in the basic right to protection from the cold, for everyone.


We are excited for our official partnerships with Food Bank For NYC & One Warm Coat. This collaboration which will provide 2,400 coats & 800 meals to feed more than 2,400 people!




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