Educating and Advocating For a Cause Dear to Our Hearts. 

Our mission at KROST will always remain the same: to increase awareness surrounding important issues, such as gun control, climate change, food insecurity, and societal injustices, through the friends we support, clothes we design, and partnerships we form. 

As we transition out of a year filled with unpredictable changes, the emotions associated with returning to post-pandemic life can produce a sense of anxiety for a lot of us. This May, in light of Mental Health Awareness Month, we feel it necessary to continue the discussion surrounding mental health & support our community in the ongoing journey to achieve mental wellness & stability. 

Introducing, Friendly Tips

In the past year, society faced unprecedented challenges, however, it has shown us the importance of Community and Supporting each other for the greater good. Our Community and the Friends residing within have been the backbone of our brand’s story. With the introduction of Friendly Tips, our hope is to inspire our Community by providing advice that nurtures mental health, relationships, and thoughtfully promotes mental wellbeing one step at a time. 

Our team at KROST compiled tips that speak to us personally:  

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