200,000 acres of rainforest are destroyed every single day because of climate change. The Eden Reforestation Projects (ERP) is an organization dedicated to rebuilding landscapes that are damaged because of deforestation. They work in communities that experience extreme poverty due to the destruction of the land that sustains them. Eden Projects further supports these communities by employing thousands of local villagers and providing them with the education and tools necessary to plant millions of trees each year.

We admire the work of Eden Reforestation Projects because we recognize the dangers of climate change and the effects it has on thousands of communities all over the world. Together with Eden Reforestation Projects we created our ˜Sophomore Year,’ collection to help alert our generation of the environmental damages caused by climate change, and the harmful risks the next generation faces if we don’t make a change. Through our collaboration with ERP, we have planted over 10,000 trees in damaged forests in Africa.

Climate change is a real and harmful result of society mistreating the environment. The damaging effects of climate change manifest in many ways, from deforestation to catastrophic wildfires. Thus, we also partnered with the Australian Red Cross in efforts to aid in restoring the devastation from the wildfires that began in Australia in September 2019. The increasing wildfire risks in Australia can be attributed to the damaging effects of climate change. The heroic members of Australian Red Cross work tirelessly to connect displaced people because of the threatening fires.

The harmful changes in our environment help promote these catastrophic wildfires that, in turn, further damage our environment and the planet. In efforts to support our friends in Australia, we designed the Climate Change tee with the intent of increasing social awareness to the devastating fires. All the proceeds from the tee are donated to the Australian Red Cross in efforts to support their mission that has saved thousands of lives.

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