After 400 years of suffrage, racial injustice is still widely prevalent in 2020. In order to combat the bias and racism that continues to plague our society, we will amplify the efforts of those who need to be heard and act in support to ensure just treatment of all members of our community. Our objective is to actively exploit the inhumane existence of policy discrimination and to create the necessary change our world so desperately needs.

However, before we are able to take steps toward achieving these goals, it is important that we educate ourselves before we use our platform to share/spread influence. Therefore, the KROST team sat down with youth activist and March For Our Lives (MFOL) Board Member, Daud Mumin to learn more about useful ways to support the movement, and how we can work as a brand to aid in the fight against inequality & injustice. 

Black Lives Matter is not another viral topic in the media that will dissipate after a few days of coverage. Black Lives Matter is a truth that needs to be acknowledged and publicized continuously until change has been made. However, this change does not come instantaneously. Knowledge must be gained and actions must be taken in order to continue in the right direction. One may ask, “how do we learn more? what else can be done?”  The answer is to reach out and ask questions. No matter our differences, there is a way we can all come together as a community and fight for meaningful change.

In our recent “Cultivating Change” Zoom Discussion with Greater New York, Black Lives Matter President, Nupol Kiazolu and Daud Mumin, we learned a few ways to continue fighting that go beyond protesting:


1) Establishing an Elected Civilian Review Board.

This gives power to the community to oversee cases of police misconduct and brutality. “We don’t see justice because there is a conflict of interest,” Nupol says. “The police cannot prosecute the police.” Policy must be enacted in order to spark change within the system. In her explanation, Nupol directly calls on Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, to adopt this policy in order to show he is doing more than merely snapping a photo of him taking a knee at a BLM protest.


2) Rally around potential and existing elected officials that you can trust that best represent what you believe in.

These are the catalysts. These are the people that have their foot in the door for change. With enough support, they will have the chance to push for a difference and enact the appropriate policies in order to take the next step. One voice may fall on deaf ears, but, one voice along with thousands of supporting voices will be hard to avoid.


As a brand, we are continuously trying to find new ways to support the movement. On June 11, 2020, We released a Tee Capsule that directly benefited three organizations that continuously take action in the fight against police brutality and racial injustice.


The Time Tee

“The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Created to highlight the significant power immediate action has on achieving effective change, 100% of the Time Tee’s proceeds were donated to Campaign Zero; an initiative that actively fights against police violence and unjust treatment towards the black community.

There is no better time than the present to create & execute meaningful change. It’s this generation’s responsibility to create the necessary change the world desperately needs to see. “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” We can actively and immediately create that change with Campaign Zero. Campaign Zero intends to fight against police discrimination in order to improve & alter their treatment towards black Americans. Together, and with Campaign Zero, let’s do what is right, and let’s do it now.


The New Normal Tee

“We Are Not Going Back To Normal”

Created to emphasize the quality of resiliency and the influence perseverance has on collective growth, 100% of the New Normal Tee’s proceeds were donated to the NAACP LDF; an organization that overcomes systemic inequality and establishes and preserves racial justice.

The ‘normal’ picture that society has painted is one that is unjust. Thus, we say to the world that “We are not going back to normal.” We must continue to push the envelope and challenge what has been considered ‘normal’ in order to develop a community that is entirely and wholeheartedly inclusive.


The Legacy Tee

“Legacy Is The Responsibility Of The Living”

Designed to encourage the pursuit of social responsibility & ambition for change, 100% of the Legacy Tee’s proceeds were donated to Color of Change; an organization that strives to achieve permanent social change by fighting against racial injustice & global discrimination.

The significance of supporting/aligning with initiatives that employ specific measures to resolve global racism is extremely important for our future. Taking action by executing those initiatives is crucial for accomplishing meaningful change; each generation has an obligation to leave the world a better place for those who come after, we have the power to shape the future.


Together, our voices will be heard. Together, we will continue to fight. Together, we will create a community that understands the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and do what we can to inform and raise awareness for what’s right.



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